Membership 12,000/- only. Limited seats.

Boarding: Taj Jetty 5, Colaba, Mumbai, India.


Enjoy Winter Sailing, before winter turns into Summer.

Year long benefits

FREE Unlimited access to sailing


Join a weekend sailing training/class. Get a new skill under your belt. Learn more about sailing, learn to sail on your own. Frequency=Weekly; Restricted to 2 sessions a month/member. Join an existing batch and book dates online in advance. Your friends are welcome to join you for a small fee of 500 rupees per person. Please inform in advance.

FREE Sailing experience


FREE Introduction to Sailing Session on a J24 sail boat. (01 number)

Exclusive Invites


Invitation to yachting events, club races to participate/view and FREE arrangements for group events on case to case basis. [Minimum 4]

Priority access to sailing services


PAID Priority bookings to boats, Yachts, Cruises in Mumbai, Goa, Also get member discounts on pricing.

Exclusive weekend events


PAID exclusive access to villas, bungalows and serviced apartments in Mandva, Chondi, Alibaug and nearby areas. 

Weekly PAID weekend getaway events in Mandva, Chondi and Alibaug.

Shared speed boat service


PAID member only access to shared speed boat transfer service Gateway-Mandva (Alibaug), Mandva-Gateway. Member discounts apply.