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Boarding:Colaba Taj Jetty# 5, Mumbai. 5 min from Gateway

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This is a member service public site. We provide private, personalized sailing training and related services in India.

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Sailing in Mumbai

We have sailed over 10,000 people in the last 5 sailing seasons. Our trained, experienced trainers provide 1-on-1, private training. Team includes national sailing champions as well as those participated and won awards in international competitions. We have our own boats.

First-Rate Training

Luxury Sailing in Mumbai

A fleet of boats are at your disposal for training 7am to 8pm. 

Private training is organised as Sailing 101 (Basic) and Sailing 102 (Advanced). At the end of 10th session you will sail the boat on your own.

Our Mission


1) Help icrease respect for nature - specifically, sea, rivers & dams 2) Contribute in a humble, smal way towards a cleaner Sea at Gateway 3) Inspire and facilitate youth towards an Asian and Olympic Gold in Sailing sport.  


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Check out this external video. It gives you a fair idea of the boat. (This is for educational only)

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Orca Sail Boats Pvt Ltd.

Mail: 6/Floor Mafatlal House, HT Parekh Road, Mumbai 400020, IN. Operations: Near Radio Club, Colaba.


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